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Discussion on: The 25 most recommended programming books of all-time.

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Aschwin Wesselius

I always have a hard time making reviews or the opinion of the collective the main measure of quality. As in, I don't care about votes, I care about a good review with arguments on why something is good or something is not that good.

Even when a book is not read that often, it doesn't mean it's a book of less quality or less important information.

I discovered some books, that are most well worth reading for developers and many people will never find them, because these don't appear on lists like these.

For example:

  • The psychology of computer programming - Gerald Weinberg
  • Exploring requirements - Gerald Weinberg

Yes, both by Gerald Weinberg, but he has written more quality books than Fowler and Martin together.

Another great author is Juval Löwy for which I would recommend all his books. Especially his latest:

  • Righting Software - Juval Löwy

I would not be surprised if the latter will be hitting the next top 25 list.