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Discussion on: Where do you like to travel the most? 🏔🏝

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Aschwin Wesselius

I'm located in The Netherlands, near Amsterdam. The Netherlands is flat and the highest places are some hills.

So to get really adventurous or for a more interesting landscape I rather go somewhere else. I've been in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali (Indonesia), Spain, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, France and Greece so far.

From which Greece by great length wins the competition for beauty, relaxation, friendly people, great food, many different surroundings, (traveling) costs etc. We have been to Samos and Crete. Samos was only a one day expedition from Turkey so it doesn't count.

But Crete offers so much for curious tourists. Their tourist season starts in April and lasts till October. During this period, five days of rain is a lot. The rest is just sun shine. Crete has a rich history (mostly from occupation by foreign forces) and preserved a lot of its legacy in musea.

The people are friendly and most of them speak English quite well. The elderly quite less, but they are very hospitable. Love transends any language and it shows in Greece.

Crete has many "Blue Beaches", beaches which have been accredited some status based on cleanliness. Some of these beaches are hard to find but oh so worth it. The whole island can be traveled by car for which most destinations can be reached in a couple of hours. Nature has been very well preserved throughout the island, but you will not likely be too remote from inhabited space to get lost.

We love to go to the west side of Crete, since it's much greener. Much more forestry which is very welcome during summer where temperature can reach 40C/104F easily. We prefer to go in September because of the decreased tourism and the warmed sea water, but April is best to avoid tourists the most. In April and September it's not too hot, while sometimes it still can reach high temperature.

Greece is quite modern, but it can suffer from lack of infrastructure. Therefore their islands are subject to shortage of fuel once in a while. Nothing to worry about, but important to be aware of.

Greece is part of the European Union and has the Euro as national currency. This is useful if you plan to visit other countries who accept this currency. Turkey is not part of the EU yet, but businesses accept the Euro anyway.

Further, Greece has a very rich history in general and many of it's islands are worth visiting in their own right. So yes, for me the affection to it is not over by any length.