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Discussion on: Your Twilio Hackathon Updates!

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Andrew Schmelyun • Edited on

Alright, I'm torn on a couple ideas and would love to get some feedback from the community. So, let me have it! Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Budgeting app where you text a number as you spend money. e.g. "$4.51 at Starbucks", or "$125.23 on groceries at Publix". At the end of the week/month, get a quick tally of where you're spending the most money.

  2. An appointment scheduler that texts you a reminder when you have an upcoming appointment, and afterwards asks you how your service was.

  3. Get notified when a website changes. Text a website, and get a text back whenever any element on the site changes. Bonus points, identify it as a minor (product out of stock) or significant (complete redesign) change.

Any of these, or trash them all? 😅

Edit: I also thought of a 4th one: Schedule believable fake texts to get you out of uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Before leaving, schedule a time where you'll receive a message like "How's everything going?", and depending on if you include a scheduled keyword, it'll change the conversation to an innocuous and believable reason for you to leave.

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Michael Lustig -

I think 3 is the coolest! Also seems the best UX in my opinion. Bonus bonus points for human readable summary of changes :P