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30 Days Of Python Challenge: 5th Day

asabeneh profile image Asabeneh ・1 min read

I have been teaching JavaScript, React, Redux, Node and MongoDB(MERN stack) for the last two years. Every now and then new versions and updates have been coming and I had to update myself for the changes every time.

I would say Medium articles helped me quite a lot to update and adapt new changes. Without medium articles my job would have been impossible. I have a special respect for people who contribute on medium and here on dev.

So far, I was a consumer and I didn't produce much online contents. In 2020, I will produce content in different topics(JavaScript, React, Redux, Node and Python). Actually, before 2020 turns I produced a python challenge which is beginner friendly.

Five days ago, I released a 30 days of python challenge and the response was very rewarding. May be if you like a challenge you can join.

If you have a plan to learn python I would like to invite you to join this challenge and follow me on LinkedIn for updates:
👥 Join the telegram channel by clicking
⏱️ Duration: 20 Nov - 20 Dec, 2019
💻 Challenge Material on Github:
💻 Github JavaScript:
Good Luck!! ✨

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