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Aryaman Arora
Aryaman Arora

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Hi, I'm Aryaman Arora

I have been coding for [number] years.

You can find me on GitHub as aryamanarora

I live in [city].

I work for [company]

I mostly program in these languages: [languages].

I am currently learning more about [topic].

Nice to meet you.

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Oreigdor Catropolis

Hello. My name is Seth Buccella. I am in the class of 2020 at Lewiston-Porter High School. My friends and i have been playing and, and I recently created a custom server for We have been using iblobtouch's tank editor, which you worked on, to create tanks for the server. I am currently trying to program a converter in C# to convert the export code into javascript custom server code. If you are interested in answering a few questions about the source code, or if you can give me iblobtouch's contact information, then please email me at I know C#, Java, HTML/CSS, and some javascript and SQL, and I am applying to RIT for software engineering. I used to program in Unity and a little bit of Unreal Engine, when I had a windows laptop. Now i don't, so I use a school Chromebook to write console applications using