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Muhammad Arslan Aslam
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Teaching your clients: How to do it better?

Last week, I had one of my clients ask me to help him set up a video library for their product. I recommended that he use YouTube for video hosting and use WordPress to post and embed videos and share with their customers (He didn't want YouTube because of the ads and stuff).

The client insisted on having the videos on the same server as the website itself, which was a shared hosting server. I tried to tell the client that it would be difficult to stream videos off of a shared hosting server. But he insisted.

I ended up spending extra time trying to make sure that WordPress would allow him to upload files larger than 800MBs and process them with ease. But in the end, videos were too slow to stream and the client didn't like them either.

After a brief call with the client and a lot of explaining, the client finally chose to host videos on YouTube which turned out to be extra work for me again.

How do you deal in this situation? How do you tell your clients what works better for them and what doesn't?

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Muhammad Arslan Aslam

That does sound good and I do charge hourly. But doing something tedious twice doesn't sound good. It's just a waste of time even though you end up making some more money!!!