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Control your PC using Discord | Reco PC Server

Reco PC Server is a cross platform PC Controller Discord Bot which helps you to control your system easily & it's written in Python

Using Reco you can easily control your computer remotely and have it do from simple tasks such as shutdown, sleep, and lock to opening a website or executing powershell commands. Currently Reco has more than 35 commands.

Reco PC Server is a self hosted bot, which means that you have to run the bot on your computer - the machine you want to control via discord commands.

Installing Reco PC Server is an easy 3 minute process. 🎬 YouTube - Reco Playlist

Reco Commands:


Text Instructions:

  1. Download & Install Python - Remember: Tick the Add to path checkBox during installation. -> (Python Version - 3.9.8 recommended)
  2. Create a bot and get its token by following these instructions:
  3. Download the Reco PC Server Repository, run setup.bat on Windows or on Linux and put your Bot Token in the newly created .env file.
  4. Get Webhook URL from your Channel and add it in your Webhook tab in your Reco mobile App.
  5. Launch reco.pyw, right click on the system tray icon and hit Connect to invite Reco Pc Server to your Discord server.
  6. Enjoy!🥳

Video tutorial:

Video Tutorial

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