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Minor Project For Electrical Engineering

Minor Projects serves as an excellent platform for Electrical engineers to showcase their skills and experiment with the theoretical concepts which they learnt in their academics.

Topic is the heart of any Mini Project. As every mini project starts with the selection of topic, one should have a clear idea about one's subject strengths. In addition, the Mini Project topic you select should satisfy your academic requirements and should help you boost your skills and widen your horizon of your thinking. Avoid choosing a topic, which is too broad or too narrow.

Do not select a topic, which has already been explored to the fullest. The selection of your minor Project for electrical engineering should be in such a way that it should have very good scope for further study, it should be advantageous to the society as well as it should enhance your technical and managerial skills.

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To do a good minor Project in electrical engineering one has to select a topic in which they can learn and apply the theoretical concepts of their academics. In addition to that, availability of hardware's to build the mini project will also be an important factor influencing the mini project. In order to get good grades and to increase the chance of employability one has to make sure that they learn practically, understanding all the concepts involved.

Few Minor Projects For Electrical Engineering:

  1. A Low-voltage Ride-through Strategy Using Mixed Potential Function For Three-phase Grid-connected Pv Systems
  2. Effective Grid Connected Power Injection Scheme Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Wind Solar Energy Conversion System
  3. Improved Mppt Method To Increase Accuracy And Speed In Photovoltaic Systems Under Variable Atmospheric Conditions
  4. Modeling Of An Intelligent Battery Controller For Standalone Solar-wind Hybrid Distributed Generation System
  5. A Coordinated Control Of Hybrid Ac/dc Microgrids With Pv-wind-battery Under Variable Generation And Load Conditions

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