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Activation Failure / 504 Gateway Timeout in Atlassian Jira

While deploying Jira in Kubernetes or Docker you might have faced Activation Failure / 504 Gateway Timeout issues while working with plugins load. There can be other root causes but most prominent one is that your Jira Universal Plugin Manager is trying to connect to Marketplace. We can disable the same in Jira to avoid these errors.

Switching UPM to offline mode in Jira

To fix that you can disable it via system property

# Set the system property upm.pac.disable to true. When this property is set to true, UPM does not try to access the Atlassian Marketplace. Example:
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or Login in application and follow the steps below :-

  1. From the top navigation bar in your application, choose > Add-ons or Manage apps
  2. Click the Settings link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Uncheck the Connect to the Atlassian Marketplace checkbox. This option is enabled by default.
  4. Click Apply


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