Email client for MAC. Which one?

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There are many email clients for macOS.

I am a MAC user, and this is a really important topic for me personally and for my research in this area.

How did you choose email client for MAC from the variety of them?
Why did you choose your email client?

Please share your thoughts with me. Comment below!👇

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I tried the following solutions:

  • Mail (shipped): No GPG support
  • Airmail: No GPG support, no Thread, folder noise
  • Mailspring: No plaintext (and they refuse to even consider that, or give a glimpse of feedback towards their community), no GPG support, folder noise
  • Thunderbird: Pretty heavy, but the only one to not create shit, to support proper threads, to support plaintext composing, GPG support

Folder noise: The e-mail client creating lots of IMAP folders for its own usage.

So now, I stay on Thunderbird until further notice.


Wow, thank you for your extended answer.
I`ve never looked at Thunderbird as my email client.
So, I will look closer at this. 👌🏼


started using that when inbox died.

it's not amazing, but i'm still salty over inbox so will probably continue :D


Looks nice, sucks that no GPG support is available.


I loved the app except for there is no message filtering rules.. it is supposed to be coming but who knows


Personally I am using exactly this app, most of my time. It looks easy to use, but I have some issues with its message editor (the lack of hotkeys and some useful functions).


I've been an Airmail user myself for most of the time, but am looking for another client as well.

Quite a lot of my colleagues have now started using tools like Franz to just embed the Gmail webview in an app, which is nice if you set that view up to your likings. Might be an option for you too!


I think that Mac isn't an acronym :P

Seriously, though, I use gmail for work, because that's what my company provides and anything I use as a client is just going to use IMAP off Google anyway. So no native client for me!

For personal use, I have a few web email addresses but to be honest, I don't use email very much. Tickets are handled by a cloud-based ticketing system (or something like Jira) and threaded conversations happen on Slack. Wherefore email?


Yes, you are right according to Mac isn`t an acronym.
I guess, I wanted to emphasize that I am the user of the Mac OS, and apparently, overdid it 😊

I'm using an email client for work and other communications. Right now all my businesses can't be done through systems like Jira.


I've been using for a while and I'm quite satisfied. It's very good in creating a focused mail sorting environment. It's very good at separating priority emails from all the rest (better than Gmail IMO), and you can easily set it up to alert you of new mails only at certain hours of the day, but still notify you real time for important threads. And it has a ToDo space 😍


I have been using KMail from a past couple of months and I am pretty happy.
But not sure if kmail works on mac


I`ve searched but found nothing about Kmail for Mac.
Anyway, thank you for your response.


I'd give my vote to Mailmate:

  • smart folders
  • powerful search
  • fast
  • clean ui
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