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Arturs Smirnovs
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Parluks - Browser for website developers

Browser made for developers built on top of Electron JS.

I'm proudly presenting my latest open source project: "Parluks". Parluks is browser made for website developer teams to inspect multiple devices / resolutions at once to speed up development process, its fully free and open source, feel free to contribute and support it. I have made it on electron JS and pure JS that allowed this project to be cross platform supporting Linux, Mac and Windows. It's really cool project that i'm proud of, it's still in bata 1.0 version but it's awesome start of 2021 for me :)

Check it out here

Key Features

  • 30+ available devices with various resolutions
  • Zoom out / in without losing device aspect ratio.
  • Synchronised scroll across all device screens.
  • Developer tools console
  • Rotate devices
  • Light / Dark mode
  • Cross platform
    • Windows, macOS and Linux ready.


You can download the latest installable version of Parluks for Windows, macOS and Linux.


Parluks browser
Parluks browser
Parluks browser
Parluks browser

Download or contribute here.

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