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yep I did. nice flag. We're in the same motherland. lols


Woooow! Kabayan!! How long did it take you to make DEV run on your machine?

4hrs. I had problems with the port. I didn't notice I had a docker container running on the postgres port so I had to shutdown my containers first. facepalm. lools

Write an article about it kabayan! would love to learn how you dealt with the content.

It wasn't really a big deal It was just a lazy mistake on my part. didn't read the error because It was inline with a depreciation error when I open rails console. lols.


Well done aRtoo!

If you want to contribute you can have a look at issues labeled good first issue and see if there's anything you might want to investigate

Thanks a lot :)


Thanks. I'm trying to fix this issue #3661. lols. I couldn't reproduce the bug. haha

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