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Arth Vhanesa
Arth Vhanesa

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Bhoomi — The Future of Secure Property Transfers

Aim: Land Registry using Self-Sovereign Identity to store, protect, and publish land records and ease the transfer of land ownership.


Brief about the problem

Land registration has become a tedious and troublesome process with the increasing population. Ongoing system results in an increased number of frauds, loss of paperwork, and legal cases. Major challenges in this sector include an increase in land-related litigations, reselling of the same land, and the absence of a unique record. We can reduce the chances of fraud in land registration with the SSI model and blockchain technology.

The user will have the freedom to manage his property once the government mines the first block. Users can buy or sell the property and transfer ownership without government interference. The user will be provided with an automated Government-authorized digital certificate. With the successful implementation of this software solution, performing a secure real estate transaction and verifying ownership can be achieved.

Approach to solving this problem

We aim to build a single platform for buying and selling property using blockchain technology which ensures the security of transactions.

This blockchain-based model will build trust and ensure the security of transactions so incidents such as reselling of the same property, documents tempering, etc. cannot take place

The process includes building a smart contract. We have written it in such a way that the owner must transfer his full asset to the buyer. No partial transaction of the asset is allowed.

Once the government authority registers the user, the entire process becomes transparent and the transaction happens between the two clients with a few amount of government intervention.

Thus, we are making a distributed system for land registration using blockchain to store all the transactions of land buying.


Flowchart of the project

Technology Stack

Tech stack used to develop a project


  • Citizens can verify the authorization and ownership details of the land.

  • The user can find the complete history of the property before purchasing the property.

  • There would be no need for attested copies of documents.

  • Frauds related to the land registry will not be there.

  • The government does not need to validate and authorize digital credentials issued by government agencies explicitly.

Features and Benefits

  • LiveChat: Integrated for customer support.

  • Geo-Mapping: To get the land view on the map.

  • Immutability: Recorded data can’t be erased and replaced.

  • Transparency: It is a decentralized network that uses a digital ledger, hence all transaction records are public.

  • Security: It uses the hashing technique to store each transaction.

  • Traceability: It creates an irreversible audit trail allowing easy tracing of changes on the network.


  • This project is developed to provide a solution in response to a problem statement presented by the Revenue Department of India in the SSIP (Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav) Hackathon 2022.

  • The whole credit goes to Team Abhyuday for making the innovative, cost-effective and secure solution. Kudos to us guys🍾!

  • Team Abhyuday: Vaibhav Chauhan, Arth Vhanesa, Kinjal Shah, Priyal Thummar, Yug Khokhar, Jaimin Chokhawala, Heet Senghani, 3rd-year IT undergraduates from L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

  • Best wishes from Team Abhyuday.✨

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