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Advantages/disadvantages of poetry vs pipenv

You might be used to working with a virtual environment to isolate dependencies in a Python project, right?

Most people prefer venv or pipenv. However, venv lacks backward compatibility. Hence, for most people, pipenv turns out to be the best choice. Is that actually the best choice though?

The underdog poetry is identical to pipenv at the core, so which one should you use?

  • pipenv helps you lock down dependencies, easily manage your virtual environment, has backwards compatibility, dependency graphs, and more.

  • poetry is all that and offers extra tools that help you build and publish your packages to PyPi within few commands, resolve dependencies easily, and most of all, it's really snappy!


  • pipenv can separate dev and build dependencies does this but it can get tricky.

Bottom line, if you want a dependency management system that just works, pipenv should be good enough but if you're on the hunt for an all round snappy tool, poetry is your friend.

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