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Discussion on: Javascript: How to access the return value of a Promise object

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Well, that is not exactly a solution as far as I can understand the problem (or confusion if you will) that was supposed to be solved by this article.

In the first part, you are showing an assignment to a var "address" and then you are trying to log it, which returns a promise as was expected, right?

Then you are proposing to add another function and call "address" from the inside, but you DO NOT log "printAddress", you invoke it. You got logged data, but the same result could have been achieved by just logging the response in "address".

As for "printAddress", by making in async function you have converted it to a promise, so by trying to log it, you will get the same result as logging "address".

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems to me your solution doesn't solve anything but only making the code bigger. The response date was logged from inside the promise and hasn't been extracted in any way.

The problem that you have tried to solve is definitely bothering a number of junior devs (me also as one of those juniors), however, I see no solution here. Moreover, I am, frankly, displeased to see unchecked, untrustworthy content here, no offense.

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Katsiaryna (Kate) Lupachova Author • Edited

The blog post consists of two parts:

  1. The first part describes how to access the return value of a Promise object right after it has been resolved
  2. The second part describes two possible ways of accessing the return value of Promise object LATER in the code. It's a completely another use case. Yes, the result is the same as when logging "address" variable (as it should be). But the main idea is to describe how to access this address value LATER in the code.

Probably you have another use case, that's why this solution doesn't meet your needs. If you could share the problem that you are trying to solve, maybe we could discuss the possible solution.