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John Doyle
John Doyle

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KubeCon EU Day 1

I really enjoyed Day 1 of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 - Virtual!

Having a convention go fully virtual gives it a very different feel to any convention I'd previously attended - though this is my first KubeCon that I'm attending! That said, KubeCon & CNCF have always been wonderful in putting all their sessions up on YouTube after the convention.

The virtual aspect was very interesting. The sessions themselves had a Q&A feature, which was all fine, though I really liked encouraging folks to chat with the presenters in the CNCF Slack. I would rarely ask questions at a convention, or network with folks, so this felt far more accessible - jump in when you want, lurk the rest of the time! Now if I only could get all the usual swag from the expo hall ;)

Attended Sessions

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 101: A Beginner's Guide to The Conference

This was the first talk I checked out, presented by Karen Chu and Michelle Noorali. This was far better than I expected as there was a lot of terminology that I wasn't aware of - especially around CNCF as there was sessions aimed at SIGs (Special Interest Group) and TOCs (Technical Oversight Group). Details about the Expo hall, and introducing me to the Hallway Track - which sounded like Lighting Talks but more general? The talk itself also was an interesting combo of pre-recording and then switching over to live for the Q&A!

From Minikube to Production, Never Miss a Step in Getting Your K8s Ready

Heh, this was an interesting talk, but as I've only started on my Kubernetes journey, it became apparent that this was a bit beyond my experience. Though I definitely could relate as Horacio Gonzalez talked about testing Kubernetes locally with Minikube etc, that your laptop will be slow... its going to get hot... but, its going to work :)

It was great to see Horacio and Kevin Georges talk through all the steps to go from MiniKube to Production.

  1. Locally Running
  2. Security Team sets up ingress rules
  3. App breaks, and you figure out a solution
  4. Iterate over ..and over.. and over..

This quickly got DEEP into the networking complexity! Book marked it to return when I will hopefully have a better idea of whats going on...

Tutorial: Hands-On Intro to Cloud-Native CI/CD with Tekton

Welp, double down on Minikube and this time with a CD/CD pipeline with Tekton presented by Joel Lord and Jan Kleinert. I tend to like understanding a pipeline so that I can understand where products come in or patterns can be used. It was pretty straight forward with the pipelines - there are steps, with inputs and outputs. This talk came with actual code, which was great! Let me read the code while the talk is in the background.

I was hoping to learn more about performing the actual deploys, though this really focused on building and pushing the images. The Tekton Hub has a ton of resources with shared tasks and pipelines, which will be really helpful!


A solid start to the first day :) Will have to check out more of expo hall, review notes some more etc.. but, I'm enjoying myself!

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