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John Doyle
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GitMosaic Hackathon

What I built

A mosaic showing off your GitHub Avatar based on your git frequency.

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Wacky Wildcards

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Compete with others to claim your section of the mosaic with your avatar. Let others commit to your repo to allow your team to contribute together!

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Permissive License

Apache License

Background (What made you decide to build this particular app? What inspired you?)

This was inspired by a now archived sub-reddit, /r/place where the community would come together to generate a giant piece of art.

How I built it

I came into the hackathon very late so I kept this very simple. I created a GitHub Action that sent the context of the git commit to an api. The owner of the repo would be identify, and their image would be downloaded and broken into 100 pieces.

Each url was assigned a starting x, y co-ordinate.

Each of the 100 pieces had an off set from those x, y coordinates.

Each commit id would identify a random index in this array. This x, y coordinate was set on the mosaic pointing to this image.

The latest version of each coordinate was returned to the user to display the current mosaic.

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John Doyle

Next aim, to complete the project