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John Doyle
John Doyle

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AWS Community Builders launches

Amazon recently setup a new program, the AWS Community Builders Program and this week it came out of beta so head on over to sign up!

The local tech community here in Boston is fantastic, from meetups to hackathons, to community led conferences. You have people like Brian Tarbox helping folks to connect.

I see the AWS Community Builders really at bringing passionate folks together from across the globe. As folks work on blog posts, tutorials, talks - it makes you want to contribute.. or maybe compete?


The program is great at putting together webinars with internal folks at Amazon - being able to ask Jeff Barr questions on how he goes about writing was pretty cool. I'm sure as the program really kicks off, the talks will keep increasing in quality.

Registration is open right now until September 15th. Registration is only twice a year, and participants will have a year in the program!

I 100% attribute this re-launched blog to being part of this program! If you've any questions, drop me a message.

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