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PC games, fight with my girlfriend about things to eat to keep me distracted from PC, drink beer smoke cigars, watch standups, nagging because she made me walk half a mile and I hate physical activity, cook, hate people that I don't know...


I am luck that I work from home and have a pool table. A quick game against myself is great to help me forget about whatever was bugging me. Or a walk around the neighborhood (takes about 10 minutes) if it's nice out.


i have an office guitar i pick up when there's not much going on in the office. i play really silently so even I can barely hear it (my keyboard is much louder), but it helps with instant distraction from work when i'm blocked or have to wait for builds, downloads etc.


Usually hit one of those quick pickup mobile games while walking around and hitting the vape. Been stuck on "Solgard" for quite a while now.

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Sh*tpost: can we stop saying "syntactic sugar"?

What does it actually mean? you're not helping!

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