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Discussion on: Medium Was Never Meant to Be a Part of the Developer Ecosystem

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Aaron Schlesinger

After I got fed up with Medium, I set up a Hugo blog and hosted it on Netlify. Nice to have a free option, but it's a lot of machinery to go through to post - new branch, hugo new, commit, push, create PR, make sure it looks good on the preview page, and then merge. For most of my posts, it takes longer to do all of that than to write it.

For a while I wanted to own all my writing no matter what. I'm setting up some CMS stuff to make my personal site easier, but I really like this platform, Ben (and the rest of the team!) because it feels like it's the right place for developers to write things that are longer than a StackOverflow answer, but still a blog post (not a GitHub README etc..)

These days, I write some stuff here, some there, and a lot of it posted here using canonical_url. Honestly the things that got me to start here were that the whole platform is open source, all my posts are stored as Markdown, and I can use canonical_url.