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Workshift - The all-in-one application for organisations

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Overview of My Submission

Workshift is an open source application for organisations that allows organisation members to collaborate with each other. It is a realtime chat platform built on MongoDB Atlas and utilises many features provided by MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Realm.

Link to hosted demo (might be slow because the backend is hosted on a $1 DigitalOcean droplet:

Link to source code:

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Link to Code

GitHub logo arnu515 / workshift

Workshift: Work better. Built for the Dev and MongoDB hackathon

Workshift - The all-in-one app for organisations (BETA)

Worshift is an application for organisations that provides realtime communications. It was built for a hackathon and is currently in beta.

Hosted demo:

P.S.: The demo will be slow because the backend is hosted on a $6 DigitalOcean droplet

Host the app yourself


You will need:

Host locally

A Docker Image is provided for the backend. The frontend can be built and…

Additional Resources / Info

Workshift screenshot

Workshift uses these MongoDB Realm features:

  • MongoDB Atlas for data storage
  • Atlas Search for searching for users to invite
  • Realm functions and triggers for sending events to Pusher when something has changed in the database
  • Realm HTTPS endpoints to implement Atlas Search in the frontend without exposing secrets
  • Realm hosting for storing common assets (

Workshift uses these additional providers:

For information about the tech-stack and instructions on local hosting, checkout the README

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