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Maker Flow - All your favorite creative dev tools & links in one place

What is Maker Flow ❔

It is a Web app for devs that keeps all your favorite online tools in one place so you can easily access them plus it shows you tools used by other devs which you might want to try out 👌.

Github / Demo

Inspiration ✨

So if you hadn't already guessed from the above, I have a hard time remembering the URLs for tools I use during development, the usual process is google search then looking through all the results for the ones that serves the need the best or I've used before.
Overtime it felt tedious having to google search for the sites I need which is why I created Maker Flow.


Maker Flow allows you to save the tools you use regularly in one place plus the additional feature of seeing other tools fellow devs use in their process that you might find interesting. It is a PWA so you don't even need to remember the link just install and you're good 👌. ( Chrome extension on the way,
just right click to save ).

Stack 👨‍💻

Aside from auth0, The following was used in the development process :

  • React

The design for maker flow is pretty simple, flexbox for arrangement and responsiveness, Material UI for styled components, Dicebear Avatars for profile images and finally AOS for animation. The design was the quickest thing to get done.

  • Firebase

Firebase was used for hosting as well as storage capabilities. Additionally cloud functions were used which I must say are pretty convenient 👏, it had to be used to generate a custom sign in token from Auth0 for firebase so as to enforce the firestore DB rules.

Features 📝

The major features of the app are:

  • SSO login with Google

  • PWA functionality

  • Explore and Saved pages

  • Mobile responsive

What's next 💭

The plans for the app Include the following:

  • Chrome extension to make add functionality more seamless

  • Upvote functionality to show most popular tools

  • Categorizing tools, Smart Search, etc.

Feel free to add what features you want below in the comment section 🔽👇🔽 or in the github repo.


The past month has been quite busy but I'm glad I was able to find the time to build this, thanks hashnode and auth0 for this exciting hackathon.

Don't forget to contribute and leave a ⭐ on github

Try it ❕❕

end giph

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