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Nabil Alamin
Nabil Alamin

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Charity Hunter: Bringing charities to you

Hey guys 👋, here's another side project I worked on in June. Hope you enjoy it.

Premise 🍁

So I made a decision earlier this year to at least create a project monthly on something I really like as a means to improve my skills, work on my creative side and have some fun, this is part of the June entry(s). Charity hunter was created as part of a 24hr hack hosted by sigma hacks from Jun 25 – 26, 2021, I thought of backdating this but it felt less genuine 🤷‍♂️ , so here it is, a couple days late:

Live / Repo

Inspiration 💭

I wanted to make something to enable people to easily find trusted charities and provide aid to their different causes, so I came up with Charity hunter, it uses your location to find charities near you, also, lets you find specific themes/causes you want to support all from a vetted database of charities provided by GlobalGiving. It was a simple idea but I believe it can be very useful.

Major Tools used 🛠

  • React & plain CSS
  • Global Giving API
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Google Maps API

The " Plan " 📸

  • The notion task list used ⬇ *
    Screenshot (123).png

  • The Initial UI design ⬇ *
    Screenshot (124).png

What's Next ⏭

  • Mobile Responsiveness; since the goal is ease, this is first on the list.
  • UI improvement; the UI needs a bit of work to make it more intuitive and crisp.
  • Search Filter; filter by more categories and toggles.
  • Code Refactoring; some areas of code need to be adjusted to make contributing to this easier and to follow standard code principles.
  • Any other feedback or feature request is alright.

Contribution ⚡

I believe this is something worth working on, and it's something that could help a ton of people. More ideas, more features, better UI / UX and more reach which can only be done when we all come together, the more contributors the better. So why don't you jump in and put some hands in the pot


I hope you enjoyed this and maybe gained something from this short post. Looking forward to the next one.
Stay creative 🚀✌

That's all folks 👋👋


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