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JSON Formatter - Your Lifesaver

Welcome Devs!

As of now you already have seen that in our day to day work we come up with many types of URLs and files specifically JSON files they are almost everywhere. For files its clear. You use a text editor with a beautiful syntax highlighting and with your desired settings. But what about when you view them in browser? In your development career you may already heard of json formatter browser extensions. They format and syntax highlight the json codes from most of the json responses. But most don't give satisfactory results.

Some of the points that i noted while i was in search of the perfect Json Formatter Extension

  • Some of them don't work on JSON response returned with a non json Content-Type header
  • Some of them Don't Have Dark Mode (And we are Dark Lovers)
  • Some only let us see the json tree but not the raw data
  • Some are just data stealers
  • Some Just don't remember your preferences on specific sites
  • Some of them aren't regularly maintained And so on...

Here comes my JSON Formatter πŸ₯³

So after seeing all these things i decided to create my own Extension that would solve all those problems and be the devs' best friend. Its New So its Obvious that its underated now, your support would be appreciatable! πŸ˜ƒ

Its Available on Chrome Web Store for Chrome but you can also use the extension on all other chromium based browsers i.e. edge, firefox, opera, brave etc.

Download From Chrome Web Store

Short Link:


Features of my JSON Formatter Extension

  • Dark Mode (Automated + Manual)
  • Syntax Highlighting (VS Code Styled)
  • Works Offline πŸ“΄
  • Works with any JSON Webpage (webpage should just contain valid json code)
  • Automatically Linkify Links (just click on links in strings to open them)
  • Formats JSON automatically (No Setup Needed
  • Raw and Parsed Mode (Parsed for ease of your eye and raw for ease of your hands)
  • Remembers Theme Preferences ( knows which mode you prefer on which sites)
  • Shortcut Keys (1 tap controls, easy navigation)
  • Collapsible Toolbar (Easily Collapse the Toolbar)

I am looking for Suggestions and Feedbacks from you
If you have any issues related the extension you can open an issue at the Github Repo i will try to fix it asap!

Leave a Star⭐ on the repo and don't forget to rate the extension

Github Repo | issues | Fork JSON Formatter | My GitHub Profile


Automatic Linkified

Parsed Mode Dark

Raw Mode Dark

Parsed Mode Light

Raw Mode Light

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cwtuan profile image

Hey, everyone! I came across this amazing JSON5 editor and I had to share it with you all:
Just in case you're not familiar with JSON5, it's a more versatile and readable version of JSON that allows for features not supported by the traditional JSON, like comments and trailing commas. Check out this link to learn more about JSON5:

anurag90tech profile image

Wow awesome... Great work bro!!

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Arnav Kumar

Thanks 😁