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Alpas reached the 100 ⭐️ mark on GitHub!

Adam Miedema
Keep moving forward.
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Alpas is an open source, Kotlin-based web framework and being open-source, we spend money with no real expectation of receiving anything back.

However, 100 stars actually is a threshold for some generous companies that help sponsor and provide support to open source projects, such as covering infrastructure expenses, that we can now apply for. Hopefully, we will get some assistance. But, if we don't, that's not going to stop us from iterating on Alpas as our main goal is to help others create awesome web apps and APIs while enjoying using Kotlin in a simple, straightforward back-end framework.

Thanks to all of those who helped support us by staring our GitHub Repro and especially to those who have taken time to look at Alpas, create their own projecting with Alpas, and provided us with valuable feedback! 🙏

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ender minyard • Edited

I reached 171 stars with a repo I built by myself in a day. I don't think that's...special? I think 1k is a lot, personally. But if 100 stars is a lot to you here's what I have to say.

If you want more stars, I recommend adding a high quality image to the top of your README, a simple catchy punchline (simple as in something non-developers would understand) in the repo description, and download instructions in the README.

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Adam Miedema Author

Every star is special. Thanks for the great tip! 👍