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2024-04-29: It's gonna be May

I have some exciting news to share: finally getting pre-seed funds in within 3 weeks, which is great.

Let's detail what I got done last week:

Monday and Tuesday were pretty light and same as usual, where I spent more time doing some research. I got back and continued my work on that RAG prompt that the other devs wanted me to give them so that it can retrieve the proper documentation for what we want it to do. I had some personal trouble figuring out how I wanted to organize it (like which file to put it in and where, since it's kind of a jumbled mess at the moment), so I just gave it as text to one of them and hopefully he put it where it needs to go. I also took the time to specifically research the best way to be chunking the text in the documents since apparently the other dev did it in a naive way instead of by paragraphs/sections (so that semantically similar things are more reliably grouped). He was complaining about latency in the chat part of the application so it's currently in the post-processing part only. That needs to be optimized for sure.

Wednesday I took off for Armenian Genocide Memorial, so not much to report there.

When I got back on Thursday, I met with the product team again where we started talking about more architectures that we wanted to implement into the system, taking our original prompts and adapting them to the practical applications that we want. Again, I have to be vague since the topic of the application is under wraps, but all I can say is that it's a wellness application, not unlike Comigo. But anyway, after that meeting, I did some more research. I needed some more to go off of for the architectures, so I waited on them to give me that (which hasn't happened yet to the date I'm writing this, but it's fine).

Friday, the CEO came across a cool video on YouTube that demonstrated a technology that he wants to add to the platform. Now, he really wants to keep this one a secret, so I unfortunately am not going to be able to talk about this one at all, but he wants me to spearhead that effort as a future product feature, which is going to be great. With this, the news about funding, and a new coworker that I've been closely working with, I have a renewed enthusiasm for the role here, which is awesome.

But anyway, that's all for this week. Until next time, cheers.

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