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Highlighted Deep Dive Into Polkadot/Substrate/Kusuma/MoonBeam-Part(2)

Highlighted Deep Dive Into Polkadot/Substrate/Kusuma/MoonBeam-Part(2):
Polkadot and Substrate are not dependent on each other. Polkadot parachains can be built and maintained without ever touching Substrate. Substrate-based chains can exist as ‘solo-chains’ on an independent basis.

Substrate is a fully modular blockchain framework that unleashes developers instead of forcing them to work within the confines of others' design decisions.
Building a custom blockchain with Substrate offers greater freedom, flexibility, and optimization than building on top of a general-purpose smart-contract blockchain.

you're not only free to choose your parameters such gas costs, governance, and consensus, you're also free to choose how your blockchain is deployed and if/how it should communicate with other networks.
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