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Arlene Andrews
Arlene Andrews

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Why now?

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Being aware that everything that goes into a device attached to the internet is there forever (like has been brought to awareness again with the privacy breaches of 2018) the details here may be a bit skimpy.

The term 'sandwich generation' seems to have fallen off my radar – this is the term for those folk who have elderly parents as well as children that still depend on them. This may likely be a more-common situation as life spans increase across the globe, so I'm sharing my perspective on being in this situation, and trying to make a better life for myself.

A cup of coffee to Mom,

gather dishes,

listen to a synopsis of his night.

Back to the title of the post: Why now?

I need a place to post my thoughts, experiences, and hopefully learn something from myself as this goes on.

I am a student, learning to do front-end development – for those of you who may not be aware of this, that means I build web sites, and am working on making more complex ones and applications for mobiles.

I am trying to also do my handicrafts, volunteer with an internet organization that has a goal I know is both attainable and profitable, and keep up on new and exciting changes in the larger world. Plus find time to do the self-care things, like brush my hair.

My goals for the past few months have looked like I simply copied them from the month before: this is not making progress. So, breaking things down into smaller goals, and doing them make help me see progress.

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