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Arlene Andrews

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100 Days Of Code: Websites == Experience

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Sometimes, life just doesn't go according to plan. Like this post, that should have been done yesterday. And is going to be choppy, since it seems that they need me more than usual right now.

I had been taken, literally, to visit a friend of my son - who owned a shop here in town. Okay, yeah, they have a Facebook presence (actually, two of them), but wanted more exposure. And so I was 'volunteered' to do a quick web page for them - and then offered, since I was doing one, I may as well do two, to the stylist that rented a part of their sales floor.

This was a mistake - trying to get communication with them is nearly impossible. I have rough ideas ready for both sites, but want some information from them. I'm about ready to give up - and use just random images from the internet.

That takes care of two of the sites - the third is a wonderful business in another state: a Mexican-Greek restaurant that is very involved in the community. I have a menu, and have made plans to return some time soon for another meal. This one is taking a while: I want this to be as unique and welcoming as the business is.

Making websites just to have on the portfolio has never appealed to me - there are so many small businesses that might be interested in having one, and getting to meet new people, and support the local community is always a pleasure.

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