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10 VSCode Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier As A Programmer

⚡ Introduction

Boost your productivity, in Visual Studio Code by utilizing these shortcuts.

From accessing files to managing tabs and selecting code these commands greatly streamline your workflow.

Integrate these time-saving shortcuts to enhance your coding efficiency and maximize the benefits of your development experience.

1️⃣ Quick Open File:

You can start typing the name of the file you’re looking for and VSCode will give you a list of suggestions to choose from.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + P
💡 macOS: Cmd + P

2️⃣ Format Document:

Ensure consistent and neat code formatting by using this shortcut.

💡 Windows/Linux: Shift + Alt + F
💡 macOS: Shift + Option + F

3️⃣ Toggle Sidebar Visibility

You can also toggle the sidebar.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + B
💡 macOS: Cmd + B

4️⃣ Split Editor:

You can open a split editor using this shortcut.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + \
💡 macOS: Cmd + \

5️⃣ Comment/Uncomment Code:

Lastly, you comment or uncomment a piece of code

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + /
💡 macOS: Cmd + /

6️⃣ Navigate Tabs:

Quickly switch between tabs by using this shortcut, which will display a list of tabs for navigation.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
💡 macOS: Control + Shift + Tab

7️⃣ Open Terminal:

Easily accesses the integrated terminal.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + J
💡 macOS: Cmd + J

8️⃣ Open Command Palette:

Effortlessly execute commands by using the command palette with this keyboard shortcut.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P
💡 macOS: Cmd + Shift + P

9️⃣ Select Current Line:

Conveniently select the line where your cursor is positioned with this shortcut.

💡 Windows/Linux: Ctrl + L
💡 macOS: Cmd + L

🔟 Select Until the End of the Word:

Efficiently expand your code selection by moving to the end of the word using this shortcut.

💡 Windows/Linux: Shift + Alt + →
💡 macOS: Shift + Option + →

🌟 Wrapping Up

Make these shortcuts a regular part of your coding routine to effortlessly navigate, format and manage code.

By saving time with these commands you can enhance productivity.

Ensure the quality of your code allowing you to focus on what matters – creating exceptional apps!

Top comments (5)

citronbrick profile image

VSCode incorporates many of Sublime Text's keyboard shortcuts including Ctrl+Shift+K to delete a line.

Windows already has a Ctrl+Shift+<-/-> to select till start/end of word.

Meta: I think should allow posts to use the <kbd> tag & style it to look like a key.

ther4v3n profile image

Nice list you can add shift + alt + down arrow respectively arrow up to use courser on more lines. Usefull to edit more lines at the same time. Also Alt + arrow up or down to move a line up or down. All on Linux.

arjuncodess profile image
Arjun Vijay Prakash

Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about that!

szymonszym profile image

nice list!
ALT + D - select whole word around cursors. One of my favorites :)

arjuncodess profile image
Arjun Vijay Prakash

Thanks for adding to the list!

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