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Ambadi Ritik
Ambadi Ritik

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Where do I go from here?

Hey there! I'm a Computer Science student currently in my third year. I've always wanted to be a web developer and I started on it the day I began college. I'm done with

  1. HTML/CSS (Sass,Variables,Responsive)
  2. Web components
  3. Javascript
  4. ReactJS , SvelteJS , ElectronJS
  5. NodeJS (Express - Rest APIs and SSR Apps,Authentication,CLI Tools)
  6. Golang (Fiber,Cobra)
  7. MySQL , MongoDB , CouchDB , PostGREs
  8. Python,Java,C/C++ for problem solving

Where do I go from here? I wanted to gain some exposure working on the production side of things but been having difficulty getting an internship. Can someone guide me through what are the technologies that I should tackle next?

Also can someone guide me through the lifecycle of building a complete web application that is secure , stable , scalable and maintainable? i.e an Application that if I make , I can be proud to sell to a potential client.

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Marcell Cruz

I think it's better to get a job than trying to build something yourself right now, and you should focus on one stack instead of trying to learn a lot of different ones, prepare for interviews and try to get a job 😊

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Yup, I agree completely. You should start to do something and after that you'll understand what exactly you want and what to learn for it. Each starts from something not even seeing all the situation clearly. Look there this is the freelance job platform. It can be your start.

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Jean-Michel Plourde

I really recommend looking at, have a look at where your progress is versu the industry standards on both sides of the stack. It gives a good idea to where you can further your skills on the tech side.

In addition to that, let's not forget the "soft" skills, which are so important in the industry yet they are often overlooked. Try to get involved in your local tech meetups or start one. Teach your craft, collaborate to other projects, have som different hobbies. There's a lot to learn those complementary skills.

good luck

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Hafsawy Safwen

Start building side projects