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Empowering female developers!

Hello Dev Community!

I'd like to introduce Our Time For Tech, my nonprofit tech-empowerment initiative founded to help women-in-Tech level up professionally.

Right now, we support female aspiring, career-changing or early-career developers. We offer two 12-week programs:

  • CodeCollab: Real-world experience building web applications as part of a team, with a senior engineer guiding the process
  • BetterPrep: Accountability, mock interviewing, live-coding practice and structured support while job-hunting

Applications are now open for Cycle 2 (which starts in March).

The cost is a one-time $250 enrollment fee. We have limited scholarships for applicants who can demonstrate financial need.

Please inbox me or DM me on Twitter if you have questions. I hope to see you in Cycle 2. And share with your networks, thanks! 🙏

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milu_franz profile image

What a fantastic initiative Arit! Where I work (Mile Two LLC), our Women In Tech resource group is organizing a free virtual event called "We Are Women Leaders: Resume and Virtual Interview Workshop"on March 13th! It is just a three-hour workshop but I think every little bit of help is good! :)

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Ian Wijma

Love initiatives like these. Best of luck. 😁

dmahely profile image
Doaa Mahely

Sounds awesome, great job and best of luck.

nop33 profile image

I wish you good luck, I hope you succeed!