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Day 1 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI 🚀

Hello everyone, I'm following the # 100DaysOfSwiftUI challenge. I have completed day 1 challenges. On the first day, I learned about variables, simple data types, and string interpolation. Learning from the basics is very important, especially if we as beginners, must learn from the basics.

Here is an example that you can learn from the beginning

  1. Variables alt variable.png
  2. String and Integers alt string_integers.png
  3. Multiline string alt multiline_string.png
  4. Doubles and Boolean alt doubles_boolean
  5. String interpolation alt string_interpolation.png
  6. Constants alt constant.png
  7. Type annotations alt type_annotation

Congratulations, you have learned the basics for swift 🎉
See you the next article in day 2 😁

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