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Top Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2024

elearning is huge. There are lots of eLearning development companies on the market, each doing their own thing. Today, we’ll help you find the right match.

Is eLearning Development Any Different from Other Industries?

Here’s what’s special about eLearning development – it grows rapidly and it’s regulated.

It’s rapid, because the K-12 market is estimated to grow from $3 billion to $25 billion by 2030. When the competition is huge, your software vendor must know what they are doing. It’s important to hire the right company for the task.

If you’re building a small learning game for an App Store, you don’t have to hire eLearning experts. This is when you can hire foreign development companies, that won’t cost much.

If you’re building a project for a specific local market like K-12 – brace yourself for the challenges ahead. The education market has lots of state and industry regulations, which your software provider must understand.

For example, if you’re a curriculum publisher, your software must integrate with your clients’ SIS and LMS. For that, it needs to comply with standards like OneRoster, LTI, and others. If not, you will attract very few clients.

Understand your software developers, and you’ll be fine. EdTech is a hard market to break into for software companies. Cheap overseas developers without industry knowledge will likely not know all the peculiarities. So invest wisely.

How to Choose an eLearning Development Company

There are 3 main types of elearning development companies:

  • Custom elearning development companies build bespoke software from scratch.
  • SaaS solutions are off-the-shelf. They are developed for general audiences, not targeted to specific customers..
  • Integration companies take off-the-shelf products and customize them to unique needs.

Every customer is different, with a unique set of requirements. Some are looking for high-end agencies with renowned clients. Others have a limited budget, and only need the simplest eLearning solution. Some need an established global company, others seek for a small local business-partner.

We came up with a list of very different companies, so everyone can find their perfect match.

Here’s what we were looking for when putting together the list of companies:

  • Industry knowledge. All of these companies have some sort of experience in eLearning, whether they created MVPs for startups or worked with K-12 public schools.
  • Origin. Some of the companies are fully US-based; others have overseas development centers, and a couple of companies are fully offshore.
  • Pricing. We understand that different clients plan to spend different sums. That’s why we included both high and low-end development companies.
  • Portfolios. Some of the companies have more impressive eLearning backgrounds than others, but every one of them has a long list of software development projects behind their backs.
  • Reviews. All of the companies in the list have excellent feedback. Each company may not be for you, but it will be perfect for some type of project.

Top Custom eLearning Development Companies

These companies develop bespoke software and courses. Building a startup or have unique software requirements? Below are the top custom elearning companies.

If you’re not sure whether you need custom vs ready made elearning software, our guide will help you make up your mind.

Aristek Systems

Aristek Systems develops custom eLearning software, whether it’s for K-12 publishers or corporate clients. There are 3 partnership models we follow: dedicated teams, time & material, and fixed price. Each model offers different degrees of development control. You may leave all project development to us, or quickly hire developer teams to manage them on your end.

Customers choose our services when they need EdTech experts. We’ve developed an elearning platform for millions of users; made an LMS integration solution, and several custom LMS.

Aristek complies with all the industry protocols: OneRoster, LTI, xAPI, Ed-Fi, and many others. Choose Aristek when you launch into a specific EdTech market, like K-12 curriculum publishing or higher education.

Worth Digital

Worth Digital is an IT staff augmentation company. They provide software development teams on-demand, so clients can scale their IT departments easily. Depending on the size of your project, you can either get a few extra tech support specialists or hire multi-team departments for large scale transformations.

They partner with UK’s top universities like Cambridge and the University of London.

Choose Worth Digital when you’re building a high-end platform and need an extra team of developers.

Atomic Object

Atomic Object is a custom software development company that builds mobile apps, web apps and cloud-powered software. Within eLearning, they integrate 3rd party tools, automate operations, and personalize learning pathways.

Some of their clients are tutoring and teacher staffing companies. Their major partner is EduStaff, a nationwide K-12 substitute staffing service.

If you’re looking for a smaller local developing company, Atomic Object may be a great choice.


TatvaSoft is an Indian software development company that builds custom software and provides dedicated teams. They work in many industries, including eLearning.

It’s a good choice for clients without specific industry requirements. If you want to build a good simple app cheaply, Tatva will deliver. However, if you’re planning to ship your solution to a market like K-12, opt for someone who understands industry protocols like OneRoster.

Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is a software company with 700+ employees on board. They build custom applications.

Capital Numbers thrives on simplicity and practicality. Specializing in budget-friendly solutions, they cater to eLearning companies. Ideal for online course creators startups on a budget, their expertise lies in crafting user-friendly eLearning platforms and interactive modules.

Choose Capital Numbers for simple EdTech projects, ideally with global audience. But consider other options when you’re building market-specific solutions, like US textbook stores.


Accipio is a leading Moodle and Totara-integration company. They provide hosting, theme customizations, and develop plugins. When your LMS instance is set up, the tech support can guide you through any challenges.

Opt for Accipio when you need Moodle and Totara experts who turn challenges into opportunities. Some of their clients are Beready, Tes, and PepsiCo. The only downside is that Accipio while Moodle itself is free, Accipio has high-end pricing.


ScienceSoft is a custom software company with development centers in Europe. They provide team augmentation, develop software from scratch, and provide technical support for existing projects.

eLearning is not their main focus, but they handle it well since ScienceSoft is a large development company with over 750 employees.

Some of the featured projects are a language learning app development and tech support for a knowledge management software.

Winning Solutions Inc.

Winning Solutions Inc is a custom eLearning development company from the US. The company develops eLearning software and content. They administer LMS platforms and analyze training effectiveness for their clients.

Their customers are government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and startups. A major project was an aviation course for the US army.

Choose Winning Solutions when you’re looking for a small agency with a long development history.

AppIt Ventures

AppIt Ventures develops custom web and mobile apps. On top of that, they provide technical support for ongoing projects. AppIt is not specifically focused on eLearning, it is just a part of what they do. Yet, this company is great at custom development.

If you’re launching an eLearning app for a general audience, but prefer local US businesses – AppIt Ventures can be your best option.

Swift eLearning

Swift eLearning develops custom eLearning content and software. It’s a popular Indian eLearning company with offices in Australia, Canada, and the US.

They are a great budget-friendly choice when you have a smaller project in mind. They won’t build you large scale software ecosystems, but if you need to converse Flash content into HTML5 – they will deliver.

To Each Their Own

In the elearning world, it’s all about finding your perfect match. As painful as it is to admit, we at Aristek are not the perfect choice for everybody. If you need personalized Moodle hosting, your ideal partner is very different from a K-12 software development company. So, pick the one that suits your project best..

At Aristek Systems, we do software integrations and develop solutions for many. Trying to break into the US K-12 market? Need corporate onboarding software? Reach out for a free consultation. Let’s see if we can be of service.

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