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Arindam Majumder
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React Router Not Working on Vercel?


Hey there, Fellow devs!👋🏼

Recently, I was working on a project and got a wired issue with Vercel Deployment. So after searching a bit and going through Stackoverflow, I got a solution that I believe could benefit others facing similar challenges

In this article, we'll explore How to fix Vercel React Sub-routes-related problems.

So, Without Delaying Further, Let's START!

What is Vercel? Website

Before we begin, If you don't know what is Vercel! Vercel is a cloud platform for deploying modern web applications. In short, Vercel allows developers to:

  • Deploy websites and apps instantly

  • Scale automatically

  • Serve personalised content globally

The Problem:

After Deploying my Recent project to Vercel, I got one Weird Error with sub-routes.

Those Routes were working perfectly on my local system But when I tried to go to a sub-route directly on Vercel (like page/about), it showed a 404 error

Error Image

The Solution:

To get the Solution to this weird error, I went to the ever-reliable Stackoverflow! And After searching a bit I got the answer!

In the beginning, I thought It was an error of Vite.js but later understood that the issue wasn't with Vite.js itself. The error I got was due to a missing configuration file of Vercel.

In the context of a single-page application, the HTML files for routes generated by React Router might not exist, especially for sub-routes. Therefore, a server-side mechanism is required to redirect all requests to the root ('/') or the index.html file.

To resolve the sub-route accessibility issue, We have to add rewrites to the vercel.json configuration file.

  "rewrites": [{ "source": "/(.*)", "destination": "/" }]
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These rewrite rules instruct Vercel to redirect all incoming requests (regardless of the path) to the root file, ensuring that the React Router can handle the routing on the client side.


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