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5 Developer Communities You Must Join in 2024


Joining a Developer Community can be a Game Changer for Developers! And For Me it truly was a Game-changer!

The Support, Resources, Networking Opportunities I got from Tech Communities are Priceless! And apart from these Tech Stuff, I also got some Good Friends! Overall, Developer Community Helped me ( A LOT ) to grow in my career!

In this Article I'll share 5 Developer Communities (Obviosly My favorites) you must join to grow in your career!

Why only 5 not 20?

It's a very good Question! You might be thinking that if you join more communities you'll networking and opportunities!

Yes, You can join 10 or 20 Communities But it's very hardly that you'll be active on all of them!

So, From my personal experience I would recommend to join less communities and Be active there! And Believe me it's hard to be active in 5 communities as well : )

5 Dev Communities

Here are my Favourite 5 Communities that you must join:

1. EddieHub

Eddiehub Community

Eddiehub is one of the most Beginner Friendly and inclusive Developer Community I have ever been in. It's mostly based on Open Source.

I've started My Open Source Journey by Contributing to one of their Open Source project LinkFree (Currently Known as BioDrop) and the Community members Helped me in that process!

Join Eddiehub Here:

2. Pieces Community

Pieces Community

Pieces Community is another Awesome Community you should join. This Community is based on a Developer Productivity Tool Pieces for Developers.

They also have their own Open Source Projects where beginners can contribute. Also They organize Monthly Open Source meetups and regular Twitter Spaces on different topics.

To Join the Pieces Community Check the Following link:


3. Lead DevRel Community:

Lead DevRel Community

Apart From Development, If you are interested in Developer Advocacy and Developer Relations, You must Join this Community!

This Community is mostly based on DevRels and Aspiring DevRels. From this Community I made many friends and Connected with some awesome DevRels!

They also have an Awesome Newsletter where they share insights about Developer Advocacy.

Join Lead DevRel Community:

4. 4C Community

4C Community

4C stands for Cool Community for Content Creators. As the name suggests the Community is pretty cool and welcoming for beginner developers and aspiring content creators!

If you want to create content, You'll find many like minded folks to discuss learn and collaborate!

Here's the link to join 4C Community:


5. ReactPlay Community

React Play Community

It is the last (but not the least ) Community ,You must join as a Developer.

It's Mostly based on React Devs. They host monthly Meetups (both online and Offline) and Hackathon as well.

One the best part is they organise some online sessions where the Community member takes a session, It really helps to reduce the fear of public speaking!

Join ReactPlay Here:


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Thank you for Reading :)

Thank You

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Bernardas Ališauskas

Discord as a communication tool is instantly 👎 for any software development imo. It's a bad tool that somehow took hold of newbies that come from video game backgrounds.

jitendrachoudhary profile image
Jitendra Choudhary

I should give it a try!!

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Arindam Majumder

Let me know How it goes!

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Jitendra Choudhary

Yes for sure

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Helpful article, Arindam!

arindam_1729 profile image
Arindam Majumder

Glad you liked it Shefali!

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Akshay bondre

Great Share Arindam!

markdebug profile image

Thank you

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Zakari Adamu

Nice 1 bro.. Please how about Stackoverflow, is it a good developer community too?