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Justify-content and Align-items in a nutshell

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This is one of the most useful properties in flexbox. It provides alignment along the main-axis, distributes the free-space in an order. Lets's understand this visually.

justify-content:flex-start| flex-end| center| space-between| space-around| space-evenly;
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There are start | end | left | right values too, that we don't use much often


Flex-start (default): items are towards the start of the flex-direction.

Flex-end: towards the end.

center : at the center.

space-between: Items are evenly distributed in the line; the first item is on the start line, the last item on the end line.

space-around: Items are evenly distributed in the line with equal space around them. Each item has equal space around them, look at the illustration carefully.

space-evenly: Items are distributed so that the spacing between any two items (and the space to the edges) is equal.


This gives positioning in the cross-axis of the flex-direction. It's just like justify-content but in cross-axis. Its values are,

align-content:stretch | flex-start | flex-end | center | baseline;
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All the values are pretty self explanatory,

stretch (default): stretch to fill the container.

flex-start: items are placed at the start of the cross axis.

flex-end: items are placed at the end of the cross axis.

center: items are centered in the cross-axis

baseline: items are aligned such as their baselines align

That's it for justify-content and align-items.
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