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NuxtJS + Laravel Solving CORS issue

Access apps from the browser

For a local environment on the backend side using Herd/Valet Laravel provides two ways to visit your application in the browser:

  • Running php artisan serve:
  • Using Vite npm run dev to: http://backend-app.test

Both ways are useful, ok so now on the frontend side NuxtJS provides an easy way to access your project:

  • npm run dev:

Set both projects

To test that both technologies can work together just add a backend route in Laravel app and check the response in NuxtJS:

Route::get('hello-world', fn () => 'Hello World');
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Now in Nuxt JS we can make a request and get the response in any component:

<script setup>
const { data, pending, error } = await useFetch('http://backend-app.test/hello-world');

<h1>{{ data }}</h1>
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If you open the console you are going to be able to see an issue related to CORS.

Solving CORS problem

Go to nuxt.config.ts file in the root directory and add a route rule object:

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  devtools: { enabled: true },
  routeRules: {
    '/api/**': { proxy: { to: "http://backend-app.test/**" } }
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Now just rebuild the frontend by re-running: npm run dev and it now should show the request response without issues.

Take in mind:

  • You do not need to do this for external API services
  • You can add a prefix to your backend route like: http://backend-app.test/api/** to allow wildcard for api routes only.
  • If you are using a JsonResource wrapper as a response in Laravel usually the response would be available when fetching the data as: for Nuxt.

Hopefully it is useful and as always Happy Code!

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