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Laravel blade directive for money format

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Create a service provider for custom blade directives:

php artisan make:provider BladeServiceProvider

Register the new service provider:

In "config/app.php" and add the new blade service provider in "providers" array:

$providers = [

Add the directive in blade service provider:

Go to "app/Providers/BladeServiceProvider" in the boot method:

    Blade::directive('money', function ($money) {
        return "<?php echo number_format($money, 2); ?>";

It use the Blade facade, with "directive" method the first argument is the name of the created directive in this case "money", then the second argument is a callback

The "$money" variable that represents the value pass to the directive, then it returns the value formatted using the "number_format" method.

Use the new money directive:

In any blade file:



I think that this directives are a great place to make some tricky formatting, but if you want to add more logic, maybe a best way to add this is with a model method or an action class.

Thanks for reading.

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