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Discussion on: Questioning my Approach for trying to put a page together

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Aria Janke Author

I'm afraid I've lost the example in question, and been looking for a different approach altogether (though not much progress has been made).

To touch upon the binary search algorithm. How are any other implementations legal? For instance the Free Software Foundation's binary_search in their C++ STL? Especially glaring considering there is no mention anywhere of Princeton's original implementation.

Finding the line between "recipe/formula" and "creative work" isn't clear to me.

Here's an idea, what about the example of Bobby Prince's work on the original DooM soundtrack? Though I suppose he can be his own literal and matter of fact lawyer on the topic. Perhaps that's a rabithole for a different post, though growing my understanding can help put my mind at ease (maybe).

Thanks for the comment. It certainly got me thinking. n.n;;