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Conferences in the Time of COVID-19: Cloud and Infrastructure

As you all know due to the pandemic traditional conferences have been canceled this year. Alternatively, a new era of virtual conferences has emerged and I was very surprised by the efforts and content available out there for free.

Here is a list of events focusing on DevOps, Reliability Engineering, and Cloud Development. You can watch all these conferences for FREE right now. Also listed are some upcoming events.

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Failover Conf

Failover Conf. focused on Reliability and Resilience Engineering. It was created by Gremlin, one of the leaders in the Failure as a Service Industry. If you are interested in Chaos Engineering this is a great watch.

All the sessions can be found here on youtube.


DevSecCon24 was geared towards DevSecOps and features 24 hours worth of content!

Check out all the presentations here on youtube.

Camp Cloud Native

Camp Cloud Native was a 12-hour event featuring sessions on the cloud native ecosystem with a focus on education accompanied by a slack discussion forum. With some camp stories and demos, this event made for a fun watch.

All the presentations can be found here on youtube.


Dockercon covered the container ecosystem. There are some great interviews, talks, and Q&A sessions that come with this virtual event.

All the sessions can be found on demand and viewed after registering.

SRE SKILup Day by DevOps Institute

Once a month the DevOps Institue host MicroConferences with the aim of highlighting the people, process, and technology within a selected practice. For June the topic was Site Reliability Engineering. To view these events you can sign up for free with DevOps Institue and watch the sessions on demand at no cost. SRE SKILup day is not available on demand just yet but previous content includes Value Stream Management and Enterprise Kubernetes.

In addition to the excellent speakers, these one-day events include chat rooms, interactive sponsor booths, raffles from the sponsors, an attendee rewards leaderboard (winners get some cool prizes), scavenger hunts, wellness videos, and a "challenge" feature that is interactive with the community.


INS1GHTS2020 was a one-day event hosted by NS1. Sessions were delivered by industry leaders in NetOps, DevOps, and application delivery.

Much like some of the other events, INS1GHTS2020 offered an active slack channel that you can still gain access to.

Also much like SKILup, this event was packed with opportunities to get some swag and sponsor prizes.

All the presentations can be found on demand and viewed after registration.

Future Events

  1. SKILup Days Future MicroConferences

    • July 16th Continuous Delivery Ecosystem
    • August 20th Observability
    • September 17th DevSecOps
    • October 15 AIOps & MLOps
    • November 12th Continuous Testing
  2. Septemember 22 - 24 DevOps World (Note: the
    event is free but some workshops are not)

Even though these events are not like your average conference experience they are a great quarantine getaway!

Hope you enjoy 🙂✌🏾

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