re: [COMPARISON] Angular vs Vue.js vs React.js - which one you should choose in 2020? VIEW POST


Few points:

  1. Not a fair comparison. React and Vue are component libraries, Angular is a component framework. If you are judging bundle sizes, you need to add routers, http clients, scss, dependency injection and global state management libraries to Vue and React before comparing them. Try it, you will see who is the clear victor.
  2. Most talked about != Most popular. People can be writing on how they hate one of these 3 and you would put them in the same boat as the ones they love
  3. Speed comparison is useless. Even the slowest component library/framework is blazing fast enough for 90% of the things you will use it for today. Most people's workload doesn't consist of rendering 5000 components in 1 second. You should find a way to measure real use cases instead of synthetic raw speed which helps no one and propagates false assumption that one framework/library is "faster" because it rendered stuff 20ms faster

These "tests" are so skewed nowadays and dont tell you anything.

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