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I used to Hate Everyone, Everyone hated me :(

I used to hate everyone, everyone **hated **me.

I thought of everyone negatively

I blamed my decisions on others

I was the rudest, arrogant, egoistic human.

I did not get along with anyone, not talk to anyone, and lived in my world thinking no one is better than me. I'm the best.

I used to bully and judge others.

I always said that's who I am. Accept me as I am or leave.

I used to think there are no kind and nice people in the world and everyone is faking it.

Until one day, I was sick of myself.

I finally decided to change myself and work on myself.

I started taking responsibility for my decisions.

I started accepting failures.

I started treating people kindly.

I start the conversation every single time.

I started forgiving others for my peace of mind.

Instead of arguing, I moved on and remained silent.

I started appreciating others.

now whenever I get negative thoughts I pause for a moment and think, Is the person/situation negative or is it just in my mind?

Most of the time it's just in my mind.

*The world is how you see it. You attract what you think. Think positive and attract positivity.
Think negative and you'll attract negativity.

Ending this post on a quote by Rumi:

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself"

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