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Data Science Courses from Google.

It's crazy how many people waste money on Courses.

• $100s
• $1,000s
• and even $20,000 in courses & programs

Doesn't give a valid certificate or a Job.

Here are 5 FREE Data Science Courses from Google (with Certificates).

1. Data Science Foundation:

In this course you will learn about:
• What is Data Science.
• What is a Data Sceince Life Cycle be like.
• What you need to learn if you want to become a Data Scientist.
This is best if you are a complete beginner.


2. Python Basics for Data Analytics

This course will help you understand:
• The Basics of Python.
• Explore Python in the context of becoming a Data Analyst/Data Scientist.
• Specialized Python Libraries.

You can learn using Google Colaboratory.


3. Data Science with Python

This is a much more in-depth course (advanced level)

You will learn:
• Data Wrangling.
• Data Exploration.
• Web Scraping.
• Mathematical Computing.
• Hypothesis Building.
• NumPy and SciPy Packages.


4. Basics of Machine Learning

In this course:
• You will understand the basic concept behind the Machien Learning.
• Explore the Machine Learning technologies.
• How you can apply Machiene Learning in real life and businesses.


5. Machine Learning Crash Course:

This is the Google's fast-paced, practical Introduction to ML
(Intermediate level)

You will learn:
• Framing.
• Decending into ML.
• Reducing Losses.
• First Steps with TF.
• Generalization.
• Valiadation.


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