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As a Software Developer, why Self Learning is Important?

Self-learning is extremely important whether you belong to the IT sector or not.

Working as a Software Developer, what I've figured out is that, product-based companies are generally more stable in terms of process and development of any solution.

Moreover, they have a limited scope as they are working on limited products and already have built-in solutions and structures.
The first few months of working in any company are full of learning, understanding the projects, and much more.

But then there comes a time when you feel yourselves getting caught in a usual routine. You wake up, go to the job and do more like the same things every day.

That's when you feel, that your learning has somehow stopped and you feel less motivated.

You may feel it's the time to switch the company but I think there are high chances of experiencing the same things in the other company as well.

That's why learning on your own is the best thing, you can do along with a 10 to 12 hours job.

The best part about self-learning is that the end goal is not to achieve the highest grades but you are learning because you want to develop problem-solving skills and believe me, the whole process is enjoyable and stress-free.

Time management is a by-product!

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