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There are 4 different types of CHROME Browser. here's Why?

As we all know Google's Chrome Browser is most widely used web browser worldwide and available on all platforms, but do you know there are 4 Chrome available to use currently.

  • Chrome
  • Chrome beta
  • Chrome dev
  • Chrome canary

Google Chrome was released in 2008, and after that it brings several upgrades, whenever a upgrades come it fixes some bugs and brings some new feature which comes with some bugs.

So that's why Google have separated the browser into 4 release channels, each channel represent the stage in development.

Chrome (stable)

This is the most stable release channel of Chrome, it is released after several testing.
All features it have are nearly crash proof.

Chrome (beta)

As name describes this is the beta release channel, this is mostly the stable version and just have some minor bugs.
The Beta Channel gets latest update 2-3 months before stable update.

Chrome (dev)

This release channel is used by Google developers to test major changes on Google chrome, it may have some updates which will never come in beta or stable version.
Having test features make this version unstable and have so many bugs awaited to be fixed.

Chrome (Canary)

This release is the most updated or say most unstable version of Chrome. It got it name from 'canary in a coal mine'.
This Build act as a canary for Google Chrome Developers, Google usually update it on daily basis.

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