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First 2 Weeks Experience | Hacktoberfest 2021

I always wanted to contribute in Open Source project and Hacktober Fest gives me this chance.

I Registered my self on the very first day it was available (30th Oct) and started to find some good projects to contribute to.

First Commit

After registering, I was surfing the Hacktoberfest website and found one video in the resource section which showed me how to contribute.

So, I contributed to the repo which was less about coding but more about how to contribute on github.

I was already knowing about git and GitHub so it wasn't hard for me to get started

The project was that, every contributor have to write a Haiku (A Japanese format for poem) and then ask for a pull request

Other Contributions

After getting how open source works I started finding projects of my interest which is Web Development.

The thing which I noticed here is that, making a project from zero is more comfortable than working on someone else project and trying to fix something or add some new stuffs.

But working on someone else project is fun as it forces to learn new things because at first you can't know everything.

I also came to know that working directly on production level projects can be difficult as everyone wanted to contribute to those, so will not get any easy issues or bugs easily.

So, I tried doing some good projects which I found on Hactoberfest discord server and also found some from GitHub search.


My Hacktoberfest PRs

I did my all 4PRs, and now I am finding some good project which I will do for fun.

You can suggest me some projects related to Web Development (if you can).

My Tech Stack:

  • React
  • Node JS
  • Flask
  • Firebase
  • and HTML/CSS/JS (my brain screaming don't mention it DUMB!)


Projects I have contributed by now are:


I think Hacktoberfest is a great way to start open source journey, till now I haven't made any good connections yeah but I am looking for some good projects and people whom I can work with.

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