Pythonistas, I need some zen!

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I visit dev.to everyday and I learn a lot. The most attractive feature about DEV for me is being able to communicate with everyone and everything.

I realised this morning that If I could find a similar site for Python, I'd probably learn as fast as possible and still enjoy it.

I'm curious to know what sites you visit daily for Python. I use reddit but most times get sucked into a different subreddit(like r/animalsbeingderps and r/thisismylifenow)

Im looking for a site with more conversation than instruction. Do you know any for Python?


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I find the Python tests on Hackerank quite helpful for the purposes of better understanding the language and programming in general.

I know this is probably not the answer you're looking for but I just thought I should mention.
All the best with your coding.! :)
Stay scientific. 🤓