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The ng-sq-ui project is back more customizable than ever! + Brand new Rewards Program

ardentia profile image Plamena Radneva ・2 min read

Some exciting component enhancements ✨

This project was started with the idea of being flexible when it comes to styling; it allows the developer to opt-out of the pre-packaged theme, without leaving the theme-specific classes in the markup.

Staying true to its original intent, the latest version - 1.3.1 - now comes with form controls that are not only style-independent but also allow custom templating.

Here is an example of the above with the TagsInputComponent:

The component was enhanced to employ the ngTemplateOutlet directive to allow the developer to customize the markup for the entered tags. Additionally, no themes were included in the angular.json file - all the CSS responsible for the look can be found in styles.css.

The other components that you can now customize are:

Clicking on a list item will take you to the component docs with its corresponding StackBlitz example. If you want to check them out in production action, you can do so by visiting our site.

Our team is on the lookout for bounty hunters! 🕵️

We would like to reward people who put in effort to help develop this project further with DEV tokens! You can be rewarded up to 5 DEV tokens depending on your contribution - issuing a feature request, completing a feature or fixing bugs. Be sure to take a look at our Rewards Program T&C.

And last but not least...

We would like to thank anyone who supports us by starring our repo or staking on our project! If you have a burning question or just want to drop us a line, feel free to join our Slack channel!

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