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For me it's an ever continuing battle with ups and downs, but one of the things I've done since ages is allowing myself to give in every once in a while. Just maybe once every couple of weeks I spend an afternoon down the youtube clickhole or scrolling tweets and that gets it out of my system, and I feel more relaxed and less distracted when I decide to focus again.

From day to day, I try and do the opposite and get more accustomed to boredom again. So no phone in sight, just a few tabs open and forget about the existence of everything distracting. This way even the more boring tasks seem interesting.

Having lists with what I want to accomplish also helps a lot. I use to doist and a simplified 'getting things done' methodology.

When I really need to force myself to focus, 'pomodoro' like timers, although that sometimes more feels like I'm withholding myself something than actually re-learning how to focus properly.

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